Paul Varner's Web Page

Welcome to my web page.  The primary purpose of this page is to serve as a distribution point for my PGP key

You can download my key using the following link.

Paul's PGP Key

My key's fingerprint is: 4B0D D00B DBD5 0EA3 4DED  ED4D 0FED 1FC3 6B40 2757 

Medical Board Proceedings

Everything below this is my web "playground".  Go ahead and enjoy anything that I place here, but be warned that it is permanently under construction. 


On Brave Old Army Team

Acknowledgement Statement:
Both the graphic and the sound file are copyrighted material.  The picture came from the USMA Athletics page (click on the picture to go there).  The sound file was digitally copied and cut from the USMA Band and Glee Club CD available from the Association of Graduates Gift Shop.

My daughter the figure skater!

My Wife's Business

Last Update: 02 April 2002
Paul Varner

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